Dienstag, 13. April 2010


Hey guys!!

Last week on friday (I guess Oo) I got my KwikSew pattern in the mail. I ordered it for Berserker Paine from Final Fantasy X-2 and Klan Klein from Macross Frontier. I was first extremly worried about the seams but I think it's okay. there are only a seam on each side and one in the back. so the front part is completely seamless (which is good xD )
other than that nothing happened . . . hmm. I'm still waiting for the pressure foot I ordered . . . lah . . .

le sigh . . . I'm broke . . . need money ;_;

OH! But I got a new commission. A buddy asked me to do him a marine officer coat from One Piece xD which is so cool *___* I was waiting to do such a commission!

hm yeah xD that's it xD
mata ne!

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