Donnerstag, 22. April 2010

Ivankov Eyelashes . . . again

Okay, so, since I'm still stuck with the idea of doing his eyelashes out of paper, I went to my local art store and bought "silk paper". well I looked it up in the dictionary, but all I got was "soft tissue" . . . sounds like you sneeze in it Oo glah, well, the german word is "Seidenpapier".
anyway. When I got home I grabbed some pair of scissors and roughly cut out a few of his thick and long eyelashes and glued them on. After that I used my Red Cherry (upper and lower) eyelashes and glued those over the paper lashes. I then realized that I totally forgot the eyeliner, so I drew a V-shaped line around my tear duct.
And this is what I've got.

click to enlarge

yeah. messy hair. ignore that xD
I know if I work a bit with this, it'll look amazing in the end! Especially with the blue make up to cover my eyebrows xD
I know the first three eyelashes are kinda wonky, but that's because I pinched them to get them in the shape I wanted. (and I tried several other methods like water, etc. xD )

For Robins thriller bark dress, I realized that painting the zip would never ever work. especially since I couldn't find the right purple and even mixing two or even three different colors didn't work. so I just bought a new zipper in a different "aubergine". hopefully the color turns out okay.

guess that's it.
mata ne!

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