Montag, 5. April 2010

Etoooo . . .

Woooh, I FINALLY got my Robin shoes in the mail.
But lah, no pictures. sry! xD I still have tons of huge blisters on my feet from the mary janes I wore last thrusday ;_;
Robins shoes are half a size too small .. .  dang. wow this sucks so bad -.-

Changed my mind though. I'll do Berserker Paine in '11 and replace her with Robins OTHER Strong World costume OR Boa Hancock . . .  I have srsly NO clue xD
Still have time to decide, though.

Anyway. Since it's easter holiday now the postman won't deliver any packages (which sucks) and I'll have to wait for my stuff I ordered until . . .tomorrow . . . Oh that's so cool. Or if I'm unlucky, until Wednesday . . . hopefully not xD

lah. Quickie. Didn't work on any of the costumes. . . . LAH xD

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