Dienstag, 30. März 2010

Woop - flippin di dooh!

I feel thrilled . . .  this just hit me right in the face . .  like MWAH!

Bought the pattern . . .  don't kill me for that. Srsly xD

But I have a friend, who always told me that i'd be a great Paine (although I insisted to cosplay Rikku) and since I wanted to loose a few pounds, I needed more than just Ivankov for motivation.
And this is it.
I still know how I started daydreaming about being Paine (Warrior Paine, but this is cool, too xD ) after I started playing FF X-2 at my friends place.
whooohooo xD This is SO going to be fun! (hot, and MUAARGH, but FUN! xD )

Mata ne!^^

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