Montag, 29. März 2010


I just bought mahself some cool shoes for Strong World Robin xD

Still have to paint the wooden parts black, but I was desperately looking for real leather pumps (or at least, pumps that have the surface that looks like real leather) since I wanted to trim the whole costume to "old".
see? me likes em a lot xD
they're 4'' high. gnah, that's so going to hurt after a while xD but I SO can't wait to get them in the mail xD
other than that, I have to save money. will be short on cash this month ;_; But FINALLY on thursday I'll get my sewing machine back from work. I sooooooooo can't waaaahaaaait xD *wuaaah*

Oh and work today was quite nice! My boss is ill, so after lunchbreak she didn't come back and one of the employees took over her shift. And I like that girl, Olga. She's nice and funny xD We talked a lot today and I told her about "Battle Royale" . . . she was shocked xDDD (I only told her about that because we somehow got from weird second names to horror movies and she started telling me stuff about Saw 3 xD )

Guess that's it.
Mata ne°^^

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