Samstag, 27. März 2010

Emporio Ivankov Make Up 2 Attempt . . . FAIL

Second try on doing his make up.
srsly? THAT HURTS x.x For this pic I've already put the lower lashes off, since those were the ones who hurt the most ;_; I don't know if it was the eyelash glue I used (I knew that if this glue gets in contact with my eyes, it will burn ;_; not like DuO >.< gnah, should get back to this x.x ) but whooooux.x OUCH >.<
But after all, I wanted to show my covered eyebrows. I think I did a pretty decent job on covering them, don't you think? xD
mwaah . . . I like my eyebrows xD

I think I will stick with the old version *le sigh*

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