Freitag, 26. März 2010

Ah . . yeah

Yeah, I know. I'm a lazy bum . . . I always keep on neglecting this blog, although I wanted to improve my english. That was the first reason why I started this blog. Since I CAN post cosplay stuff in my german blog.  . . lah xD

Anyway. Hear the music? Wow, I'm so in love with korean music right now Oo that music makes me all bumpy and energized to work on costumes etc. That's why I'm srsly thinking of going to the fabric market tomorrow and get the interfacing I need for Thriller Bark Robin. My sewing machine is still at work so I'll probably won't be able to start, but it feels great to have at least half of the materials xD If I have enough money i'll buy a zipper, too I guess.
I still don't know how to sew the zipper the way in I want. I know 2 or 3 different ways to sew a zipper in.
(lol, I just googled "Reißverschluss einnähen" ("sew in zipper") and the first youtube post was my very own tutorial of how doing so xDD )
Like, the nearly invisible zipper (the most common way, I know 2 ways on how to do that), then with a little flap, like how you sew a zipper in a jeans (not exactly this way, without an extra facing ) but what I don't know is how to sew an invisible zipper in.
lah . . . can't find pictuuuurrressss x.x
Most  people think that this is an invisible zipper:

But it's not. This is what I call a nearly invisible zipper.
After sewing an invisible zipper in, you won't be able to TELL that there is even a zipper! Since you won't see a seam from the outside!
seeeee? (should have been ironed better and with thicker fabric or with lining you won't be able to tell that there's a zipper^^ )
gnaaah, I can't wait to start learning how to do this!
(I actually found a german tutorial on the internet, but I wanna now how my teacher will show us how to do this . ..  yeah.)
I bought stretchy cotton fabric for Thriller Bark Robin and I wanted to put the zipper in one of the side seams since I won't have any on the back. And I didn't buy jersey on PURPOSE! I have an idea on how to do her weird lace-stuff that is going on on her dress and that won't work with jersey. (that's why I'm needing that heavy interfacing x.x )
Wish me luck that it'll work!
So, it's way past midnight . . .good night folks xD And sry for my crappy english, but I'm tired, uber excited, can't sleep and gnaaah . . . lah xD

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