Dienstag, 5. Januar 2010

Update on Emporio Ivankov

gaaah, nearly all of the material I ordered came in the mail today *__* I'm a bit struggling with the pattern, though. Looks like I'm just going to use it as a base and change it in every possible way, to make it fit xD

The tights didn't arrive, sadly. But here's a quick overall picture of what I've got today.

1. squishy afro xD it looks a bit shitty right now xD but it's just not "poofed" yet.
2. Cat-Net, for his/her cape
3. KwikSew 2932
The one I changed so hardcore lol xD
4. The WAY TO BIG pattern i'm still changing and fitting . .  *argh* I thought, for once I'm gonna escape from that procedure, but NO ;_; bad luck for me >.<
That thing is like 3 sizes too big xD

Other than that, nothing really happened about Ivankov. I talked a bit with zentulip and asked her about her AWESOME boots but unbfortunately, they're right now way too expensive for me. Have to save some money, I guess >.< *argh*

Mata ne! ^^)y

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