Mittwoch, 30. Dezember 2009

Emporio Ivankov

Okay . . . I don't know what hit me to do this, but awwww I'm so excited xD
I was looking through, searching for nothing and suddenly I stumbled over this girl here:

Her name on is zentulip. And OMFG, there it was . . .THE idea . . . awww . . . you know, I have some left over vinyl from Nico Robin . . . and yeah :] WHY NOT?
And yep,  . . .I just bought the blue afro, the gloves and the tights (will use them for nico robin, too, but yeah, you know . . . )
I already have the make up (Manly 120 eyeshadow palette anyone? xD ) and i'm currently looking for styrofoamballs for his/her/its necklace xD
Any Inuzuma for me out there? *awww* me wants an inuzuma ;_;
oh, forgot to mention that I also bought a swimsuit pattern for his body-thingy. still have to look for some fishnet-fabric . . . oh I hate his lil fuzzy coat -.-""" gives me a good headache, I tell ya.

*bling* So, I just bought the fabric für his cape . . . yeah. cat-net . . . you know, that stuff you wrap your balcony in, so the cat can't escape anymore? that stuff is gorgeous xD

that's it for now.
Mata ne ^^)y

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