Dienstag, 29. Dezember 2009

Armour pattern

Hey guys *kekekeke*

So one of my next costumes for 2010 is Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail in her signature armour. I've already cosplayed Erza, but only in her "True Heart" clotharmour (everyone who read Fairy Tail, the flame-pants xD ).
Before I start babbling about the pattern, here's a quick picture of Erza in her (first) signature armour:
This will be my first time making an armour EVAR x.x I won't be able to use wonderflex, since I don't have THAT much money to order it from the US ( you can't find that material here in Germany or even Europe Oo if there is, I would be really happy if someone could tell me xD ). So I thought I'd use the "Fiberglass phobic" Method of AmethystAngel (wow, did I spell that name right? If not, i'm sorry >.< ) She uses fun foam and styrene for most of her armour and for me, they look awesome Oo More than just awesome xD

But first I wanted to show you what I've already done for her armour . ..  nearly nothing, but . . . yeah, the pattern is at least "something" Oo

I basically just cut strips of newspaper, held it to the dressform, marked the right shape and cut it.
Here's a lil video. It's an extremly tedious work and extremly nerve-wracking, but I hope it's worth it Oo (yeah, screwed up the video, kick WMA for this xD )
How I make the pattern for an armour
* munches cookie* yeah. xD

Mata ne! ^^)y

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